Jane Brenan

About your company

Freelancer providing bookkeeping / finance manager services to organisations and charities with up to 50 staff.


I work as a freelance bookkeeper and have experience of using range of finance packages. AccountEdge is my favourite! Non-finance staff often struggle accessing or inputting information into finance packages but I have trained quite a number of non-finance staff to use AccountEdge.  They have all given me very positive feed back and have enjoyed the experience because it is so easy and straightforward to use.

Other comments

Most other finance packages are really poorly set out in terms of what you see on the screen - font sizes too small, not enough space between rows of figures and text. AccountEdge really wins here with generous font sizes, plenty of space between lines of text, with colour shaded backgrounds so you can really easily distinguish each row of figures. I get virtually no eye strain using AccountEdge compared to other finance packages, which are terrible in this respect. Also I think I am 30% more productive using AccountEdge compared to using Xero.


LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/jane-brenan-87ab771a/