Mamut AccountEdge for Mac - in partnership with Priority Software

In April 2010, Mamut Software was pleased to announce the launch of three new products, Mamut AccountEdge, Mamut AccountEdge Plus and Mamut AccountEdge Pluse NE, for the Apple Mac platform. The products were launched in partnership with Priority Software, the global developers of the award winning AccountEdge series of accounting software.

Priority Software develops AccountEdge globally, with Mamut Software selling and supporting the product in the UK.

Mamut's AccountEdge product range is the latest generation of what were formerly the MYOB Mac products. The upgrade from existing MYOB Mac solutions is simple and seamless. Existing MYOB customers in the UK have the opportunity to upgrade to a Mamut AccountEdge solution at a discounted price.

Mamut AccountEdge products are available directly from Mamut Software and through associated resellers and channel partners in the UK.

For more information contact us on 0800 032 5616 or email