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Coming Spring 2019

MYOB Company File Confirmations

If you would like to confirm your MYOB company file please click here for information and to submit a request.

Making Tax Digital

AccountEdge is Ready, Are You?

Starting in April 2019, a new government initiative called Making Tax Digital (MTD) will see important changes to the way in which businesses report their VAT information to HMRC.

MTD aims to provide businesses the ability to keep records of their income and expenditure digitally, and to send VAT summary updates to HMRC from their software. In turn this will provide a more timely, efficient and simpler tax system, reducing the likelihood of errors and giving businesses more certainty of their position throughout the year. 


Who is Affected?

From April 2019, VAT registered businesses (including self-employed and landlords) with turnover above the VAT registration threshold (currently £85,000) will have to:

  • keep their records digitally (for VAT purposes only)
  • provide their VAT return information to HMRC through Making Tax Digital compatible software.
  • Smaller businesses will not be required to use the system, although they can do so voluntarily.

Note:  Old MYOB UK products will not meet MTD compliance.

AccountEdge Plus Windows

We are extremely pleased to announce that we will be releasing a Windows version of AccountEdge Plus in Spring 2019.

AccountEdge Plus for Windows will be based on the current popular Apple Mac version of AccountEdge Plus which has been in the market for a number of years.

AccountEdge Plus 2019 will be cross-platform between Mac and PC, allowing company files to be used on both the Mac and Windows versions of the product. This will provide great flexibility to businesses with Mac and Windows computers, and to accountants wishing to view their client's files.

For MYOB UK customers, AccountEdge Plus 2019 will directly and seamlessly upgrade older MYOB UK company files, providing use of your all important data in a matter of minutes.  And it gets better!  All your product knowledge and experience will apply directly to AccountEdge Plus 2019, you'll feel right at home in minutes.

AccountEdge Plus 2019, for both Mac and Windows, will be Making Tax Digital compliant and be fully supported by our team of experienced support consultants.


Pre Release Offer

AccountEdge Plus Windows RRP will be as its Apple Mac counterpart. £299 ex vat for the Licence and £204 ex vat for the yearly service agreement*

Additional licences RRP will be as its Apple Mac counterpart. £96 ex vat for the yearly service agreement


As an MYOB customer we can offer you the following fantastic offer:


The product and full instructions will be emailed to you on release in spring 2019

Offer valid until 31.12.2018


*AccountEdge Plus has a mandatory service agreement (SA) attached to the product. The SA includes use of the software, telephone and email support and new versions of the software. The current annual SA price for AccountEdge Plus is £204 ex vat. You can read more about the SA here

**Price for the service agreement will revert to the standard RRP for year 2 and onwards. 

If you are on a Apple Mac platform please click here for offers applicable to you.  

Accountants & Bookkeepers

To make your and your clients jobs easier we can offer you a free licence and service ageement of AccountEdge Plus.

Please click here for more information about how to claim your licence. 


To take advantage of this fantastic offer and pre order your licence of AccountEdge Plus Windows please fill out the form below. An invoice with 30 day payments terms will be emailed to you. The product download and serial number will be emailed to you upon release

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