Deleting or Reversing a Transaction

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Sometimes you may need to delete or reverse a transaction. Deleting a transaction will remove it completely from your company file, while reversing a transaction leaves the original transaction in the file and records a new 'reversal' entry.

Note!  If you wish to keep a record of changes and deletions in your company file, go to SetupPreferencesSecurity and tick the option to Use Audit Trail Tracking [System Wide].  An Audit Trail Report of changes to your transactions can later be run from the Accounts> Audit Trail section of the Index To Reports

Important Considerations

  • Before deleting any information, ensure you have taken a backup of your company file. For more information about backing up your data, see here.
  • Speak to your IT administrator if you are in any doubt about your backup and restore procedures for your AccountEdge data.
  • The deletion of records cannot be reversed and will require you to restore a backup in order to undo the process, or to view any deleted records.
  • You should be careful about deleting records that haven’t been included in necessary reporting. After records are deleted, they will no longer appear in any reports.
  • You are responsible for ensuring that you do not delete any data that is required for accounting, audit, or other legal purposes, by selecting the appropriate records to delete.

To Delete or Reverse a Transaction:

Step 1 - Set your Security Preference

The ability to reverse or delete transactions is primarily determined by a Security Preference.

At the top of your screen, click Setup> Preferences and select the Security tab.

If you prefer that you only wish to reverse transactions, tick Transactions Can’t be Changed; They Must be Reversed [System-wide]. Alternatively, untick this option if you want to be able to delete or edit transactions.


Step 2 - Find and open the transaction you wish to delete or reverse

Use your preferred method to locate the transaction you wish to delete or reverse.

Favourite places to find transactions are the Bank Register, Sales Register, Purchase Register, and Find Transactions.

Once you have found your transaction, click the zoom arrow [»] to the left of the transaction to view its contents.


Step 3 - Delete/Reverse the transaction

With the contents of your transaction displayed to you, click Edit at the top of your screen, then Delete / Erase Transaction, or Reverse Transaction, as determined by your security preference setting.


Why can't I delete or erase my transaction? 

Click here for information about why you may not be able to delete or edit a transaction.




Disclaimer: This information is of a generic nature. For specific advice regarding your particular circumstances please seek assistance from your Accountant, HM Revenue & Customs or your IT Consultant as appropriate.