'Missing Paycheques' Message When Starting a New Payroll Year

Article ID: 2024797           Last updated: 15 March 2017


During the Start a New Payroll Year procedure you may encounter the following message:

Missing Paycheques

The message indicates one or more of three possibilities:

A. You have not yet recorded a final period payment for one or more of your employees. A useful report to aid in spotting these employees is the P11 PAYE report which can be found by going to the Index to Reports> Payroll tab.  Complete any final period payments as necessary.

B. You have not entered a leaving date into one or more of your former employee’s records.

C. For one reason or another, a current employee was intentionally unpaid in the final period.  For example, maybe the employee was on holiday, or sick, or simply didn't work in the last period of the year.  If this is so, then a temporary leaving date of 05/04/2017 should be entered in the employee’s card.

IMPORTANT!  Unless the employee has genuinely left your employment, this temporary leaving date must be removed once the new payroll year has been started.

In cases B and C the leaving date can be entered in the Payroll Details section of the employee’s card, as shown below:

Leaving Date