Sharing Company Files with AccountEdge Plus Network Edition

Article ID: 2024801           Last updated: 23 May 2017


Before starting these steps, please confirm all computers meet the System Requirements for AccountEdge Plus NE.

Illustrated Steps

1.  Install Mamut AccountEdge Plus NE onto the host computer. The host computer is the computer you have designated as the one that will ‘host’ your AccountEdge company file(s). This does not have to be a full blown Mac OS X Server. Restart the computer when prompted.

Note!  Whilst AccountEdge Plus NE does need to be installed on the host computer, it does not necessarily need to be licensed, unless it is to be used to view and open AccountEdge company files in its own right.


2.  On the host computer, go to Apple> System Preferences> AccountEdge:

System Preferences

The AccountEdge system preferences will appear.

Click Start FileConnect, as shown below:


You will be prompted to enter your Mac's administrator password to proceed.

You are now sharing the company files hosted on this computer.

Close the window.


3.  If upgrading from a previous version of AccountEdge (for example 2016 to 2018), please follow Step 5 - Uprading Your Company File, found in the AccountEdge Plus NE Upgrade Guide.

If no company file upgrade is required, move on to point 4.


4.  Place your .myo company file(s) in the following folder on the host computer (mandatory location):

[Macintosh HD] \ Library \ Application Support \ AccountEdge NE \ Databases


5.  Start AccountEdge Plus NE and use the Browse option to select the host computer and view the company files. Example below:



6.  Install AccountEdge Plus NE onto the additional workstations on your network and restart those computers as necessary.

Ther is no need to start FileConnect on the workstion computers, simply install, run the application and use the Browse option to locate and open your company files located on the host computer.


Prevent the host computer from sleeping

When other users are accessing the company file on the host computer, you should not allow the host computer to go into sleep mode. Follow the steps below to prevent a computer from going to sleep.

  1. Log in to the host computer as an administrator
  2. Go to the Apple menu and choose System Preferences
  3. In the System Preferences window, click Energy Saver
  4. Drag the Computer Sleep slider to Never
  5. Deselect/untick Put hard disks to sleep when possible
  6. Close the window

Avoid the use of Wireless connections

We do not recommend running AccountEdge Plus NE across a wireless network.  Wireless networks are not included in the minimum system requirements for the product.  AccountEdge Plus NE performance can be severely decreased using wireless connections.

For more information, please view Network Performance on a Wireless Network or Connection.

Create AccountEdge User ID's

If you have not already done so, you will need to create User ID's in each company file for the users who require access to the respective company files.

To create User ID's in a given company, login to the company file as Administrator and go to Setup> Preferences> Security, then click the User IDs button.

3rd Party Backups

If you are using third party backups software or routines to backup your host computer, ensure that you include the AccountEdge Plus NE databases folder in the backup:

[Macintosh HD] \ Library \ Application Support \ AccountEdge NE \ Databases

Wide Area Networks (WANs) & VPNs

AccountEdge Plus NE is designed to be run on a fully Ethernet cabled Local Area Network (LAN), in one location/site. AccountEdge Plus NE is not supported across Wide Area Networks (WANs) or Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). 

Some customers wishing to use AccountEdge Plus NE from different locations do so by using a remote desktop application to remotely view the desktop of a computer that is sitting on the main office LAN. As an example, to do this with a 2 user setup there would need to be three computers involved:

Computer A:  The AccountEdge Plus NE host computer, which stores the company file and shares the date across the network. This computer can also be used as an AccountEdge Plus NE workstation.

Computer B:  An AccountEdge Plus NE workstation, connected to the LAN via an Ethernet cable. This computer will not be used by anyone in the office. It will have a remote application running, which can be accessed and used by Computer C.

Computer C:  A remote computer of any kind (Mac or PC) that also runs the same remote software as Computer B. The user of Computer C remotely logs into Computer B’s desktop and uses it as if they were sitting in the main office site. Computer C does not require any AccountEdge software to be installed; the user will be remotely using Computer B’s AccountEdge application.

Additional Information

For more detailed information about the setup of your network and the implementation of AccountEdge Plus NE, we recommend you refer to the AccountEdge Plus NE Implementation Guide.



Disclaimer: This information is of a generic nature. For specific advice regarding your particular circumstances please seek assistance from your IT administrator or consultant as appropriate.