AccountEdge 2017 Upgrade

Article ID: 2025093        Last updated:  23 March 2017


We are proud to announce Mamut AccountEdge 2017 is now available!

This upgrade is free as part of your annual service agreement.


Before you upgrade...

1.  Check which AccountEdge product you currently use: AccountEdge, AccountEdge Plus, or AccountEdge Plus NE.

2.  Check the System Requirements.  Mac OS X 10.9 or later is required.

3.  View the relevant Upgrade Guide & Video for:

     •   AccountEdge & AccountEdge Plus

     •   AccountEdge Plus Network Edition

4.  Download AccountEdge 2017


Are you using Payroll?

    •   You must upgrade to AccountEdge Plus 2017 in order to process payrolls from 6 April 2017.

    •   If you have pensions setup for your payroll, please click here for important upgrade information.

    •   Please see the End of Year Payroll Guide for full details.



What's new in AccountEdge 2017?

AccountEdge 2017 comes packed with new features and updates:

Email enhancements
Email contacts directly, send bulk emails, setup email templates using customer and supplier information, add CC and BCC addresses, add attachments, preview emails before sending, and more.  Email enhancements video.

Email customer payment receipts
You can now email receipts to customers for receive payments, receive refunds and receive money transactions using a customisable template.  Emailing payment receipts video.

Apply open credits while entering sales
Outstanding credit amounts are now immediately visible and usable when entering invoices.  Applying outstanding credits video.

Paid Today enhancements
New ability to select which bank account you wish to receive or pay the invoice from, and easily enter cheque numbers on payments. Paid Today enhancements video.

Payroll Pension enhancements
New ability to allow setting up of multiple pension schemes and providers for the company and for employees.  Improved pension reports and filters.

UPS Shipping Integration
Link AccountEdge to your UPS account to create a UPS shipment directly from a sales invoice or customer card. Add carriage markup rates, setup email notifications, create and print shipping labels, and track packages once they are shipped. Requires a UPS account. UPS Integration videos.