AccountEdge 2018 Upgrade


We are proud to announce Mamut AccountEdge 2018 is now available!

This upgrade is free as part of your annual service agreement.


How to upgrade...

1.  Check which AccountEdge product you currently use: AccountEdge, AccountEdge Plus, or AccountEdge Plus NE.

2.  Check the System Requirements.  Mac OS X 10.10 or later is required.

3.  View the relevant Upgrade Guide & Video for:

      Video  AccountEdge & AccountEdge Plus

      Video  AccountEdge Plus Network Edition

4.  Download AccountEdge 2018


Are you using Payroll?

    •   You must upgrade to AccountEdge Plus 2018 in order to process payrolls from 6 April 2018.

    •   If you have Auto Enrolment pensions setup, please note that the contribution rates may need updating from 6 April.

    •   Please see the End of Year Payroll Guide for full details.



What's new in AccountEdge 2018?

AccountEdge 2018 comes packed with new features and updates:

Updated Job Windows, New Job Customisations and Reports Easily customise your jobs by using custom lists and fields, as well as job status'.  Custom lists and fields allow more information to be held for each job and while also providing additional report filters.  Job enhancements video.

Item Kits Create Item Kits to easily price and sell groups of items quickly.  Item Kits let you sell a collection of items without having to stock the item itself.  Item Kits video.

Print a 'Paid' Stamp on Invoices Print a 'Paid' stamp on closed sales or purchase invoices.  'Paid stamp' video.

'Copy From' when creating new Auto-Build items You can now copy setup information from one auto-build item to another, making creating new auto-build items quicker and easier.  'Copy From' auto-build video.

Notes on Reconciliations and Payments When reconciling an account, you can now Add Notes regarding the reconciliation.  These notes can also be displayed in the reconciliation report.

Search Customers & Suppliers by Contact person You can now search for a customer/supplier card using the name of your contact.  Search by Contact video.