AccountEdge Mobile Sunset

Article ID: 2025096                     Last updated:  17 August 2021


AccountEdge Mobile Sunset

From AccountEdge v2021 onward, AccountEdge Mobile is no longer available and support has been discontinued for this legacy app.

AccountEdge Mobile was the iOS forerunner to the current AccountEdge Connect cloud companion to AccountEdge desktop.


AccountEdge Connect

AccountEdge Connect has replaced AccountEdge Mobile.  AccountEdge Connect is a cloud companion app for AccountEdge, constantly being updated with a wide range of features.

Use a web browser on any device to perform a selection of key AccountEdge functions such as sales invoicing, purchases, payments, viewing customer and supplier information, recording timesheets, and more.

For more information about AccountEdge Connect, click here.



Legacy AccountEdge Mobile Documents   (AccountEdge 2020 or earlier)

AccountEdge Mobile Setup


Despite appearing in AccountEdge 2020 and earlier, AccountEdge Mobile setup may fail or suddenly be rendered inoperable due to later security updates to Dropbox's API that are not present in your version of AccountEdge.



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