AccountEdge Quits When Starting

Article ID: 2025097            Last updated: 19 June 2014


Possible Causes

Migrated to a New Machine If you migrated to a new Mac, chances are that the AcountEdge license file from the old Mac was copied to the new Mac; you'll need to remove this file and re-register.

Changed / Upgraded Hardware If you recently changed hardware such as motherboard or hard drive, the MachineID may have changed. The new MachineID appears like a different machine to AccountEdge.


Solution (AccountEdge 2012 or later)    (For AccountEdge 2011 or earlier, click here)

1.  Click your Desktop and then click Go> Go to Folder... at the top of your screen.



2.  In the Go To Folder window, type ~/Library/Application Support/Acclivity and click Go:


(You'll find the '~' button on your keyboard to the left of the '1' key, to the left of the 'Z' key, or to the left of the Return key)

3.  An Acclivity folder will open, containing one or more AccountEdge .plist files. Trash/Delete any AccountEdge .plist files from this folder.

4.  Check your trash for items that you may want to keep and then Empty Trash.

5.  Restart your AccountEdge product, it should not quit. Register the product as required.


How do I transfer my license from one computer to another?

To transfer your software from one computer to another, you will need to deactivate the license from the currently licensed computer and then activate the software on your other computer.

See Transfering AccountEdge Licenses Between Computers for more details.