Preparing for 2017/18 Payroll Year End

Article ID: 2025122              Last updated: 7 March 2018


There are a number of things you can do to ensure you are fully prepared for a smooth year end process.

As an employer running payroll, you will need to:

•  Report to HMRC on the tax year ending 5 April 2018 and give your employees a P60
•  Prepare for the new tax year that starts on 6 April 2018.

The full Payroll End of Year Guide can be found by CLICKING HERE.

What you will need to do When
Send your last Full Payment Submission (FPS) 'Final Submission' of the year On or before your employees' last 2017/18 payday *
Upgrade to AccountEdge Plus 2018 From late March 2018 **
Update employee payroll information for the coming year From 6 April
Send the last Employer Payment Summary (EPS) of the year - if required By 19 May ***

Note:  The FPS 'Final Submission' sends HMRC your standard FPS submission but additionally includes your end of year declaration. To send the Final Submission, simply tick the Final Submission option when sending your very last employee FPS of the year to HMRC.

*  The HMRC online gateway will close on 19 April for year 2017/18 corrections.

**  You will need to be using AccountEdge Plus 2018 to process pays dated 6 April 2018 or later.  However, we recommend you upgrade to version 2018 as soon as it becomes available in late March.  There is no need to wait until after you process the last 2017/18 pays, or until after 6 April, or until after you start the new payroll year before upgrading.

We will email all customers as soon as AccountEdge Plus 2018 is available for download. If you do not receive an email by late March, please go to the AccountEdge Support page to upgrade.

***  You only need to send an Employer Payment Summary (EPS) if:

•  You need to inform HMRC about a reduction to the liabilities you will pay them for the final month of the year (this does not include Employment Allowance). For example, for recoverable amounts in respect of payments for SMP, SPP, OSPP, SAP, ShPP, ASPP or other recoverable amounts such as NICs holiday claim and CIS deductions taken from your payments as a subcontractor if your business is a Limited company.
•  You forgot to send the Final Submission declarations on your last Full Payment Submission for the year.
•  You didn't pay anyone in the final period of the tax year.
•  You sent your last FPS early and you didn't pay anyone for 1 or more full tax months in the last tax year.

We recommend you additionally review HMRC's end of year guidance, which can be found by CLICKING HERE.

Order Your 2017/18 Form P60's Now

As an employer, you must provide a P60 to employees working for you at the end of the tax year.

For those using the AccountEdge Plus payroll, P60's can be printed onto HMRC's pre-printed forms.

If you have not already done so, we recommend that you order your form P60's from HMRC now, in preparation for printing them at year end.

Note:  It can take up to seven days to receive your P60 forms from HMRC.

How to Order P60's Online

You can order your form P60's directly from HMRC by CLICKING HERE.

You will need to order:

'P60 (SingleSheet/Shortened) (2017-2018) - Certificate of Pay. For manual completion or with a Laser Printer.'



Note:  This information is of a generic nature.  For specific advice regarding your particular circumstances please seek assistance from your Accountant or HM Revenue & Customs as appropriate.