'Unable to open file; file may be locked or in use...'

Article ID: 2025154            Last updated: 7 October 2014


If you are using AccountEdge 2015 or later, please contact the Mamut Support Team to resolve this issue.

Users of AccountEdge 2014 may encounter the following message when attempting to open their company file(s) for the first time:



To resolve this problem, start Finder and locate the affected company file.

Rename the affected file so that it contains 20 characters or less.

Start AccountEdge and attempt to open the company file again.


Note for AccountEdge Plus NE users:

Your company files will be located on the host computer in the following folder:

[Macintosh HD] \ Library \ Application Support \ AccountEdge NE \ Databases


If the problem persits, please contact the Mamut Support Team.



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