RTI Submission Issue

'HMRC service appears to be working slowly'

Article ID: 2025189              Last updated: 12 April 2017


From time to time, Mamut Support receives queries from customers experiencing problems submitting Real Time Information (RTI) to HMRC. The problem affects Full Payment Submissions, Employer Payment Summaries and Earlier Year Updates.  

The issue is due to a problem with HMRC's PAYE online service not returning a submission confirmation message to AccountEdge.


What does this mean for AccountEdge Plus users?

Before making further submissions, please check HMRC's PAYE service status by clicking here.  (Unfortunately, the PAYE services status page is not always very up to date!)

When submitting RTI information to HMRC, you may receive the following message if the HMRC Gateway is slow or currently unavailable:


At the point this message appears, AccountEdge has submitted your RTI information to HMRC and is now waiting to receive a 'Confirmation' acknowledgement from HMRC's service.  AccountEdge will only provide a Submission Successful message when a confirmation acknowledgement has been received from HMRC's service.

Until then, AccountEdge will assume that the submission was unsuccessful.

Upon receiving this message, click No to stop waiting.

At some point over the following minutes or hours you are likely to receive an acknowledgement email (or perhaps many emails) from HMRC, indicating that your submission was successful. Keep this email safe, your submission was successful despite AccountEdge not receiving an acknowledgement from HMRC at the time of the submission.


Sending 'unsent' Full Payment Submissions or Employer Payment Summary

Despite having made possibly successful submission to HMRC, your AccountEdge product will not yet know this, since AccountEdge did not receive a confirmation acknowledgement from HMRC's service at the time of submission.

You will therefore need to make a subsequent submission of affected Full Payment Submissions (FPS's) or Employer Payment Summary (EPS) that remain in an 'unsent' status in AccountEdge. This will ensure you receive a valid 'IRMark reference' from HMRC, which provides proof of your submission. It will also ensure you do not constantly receive messages in AccountEdge about unsent submissions.

Note!  Before resubmitting any 'unsent' FPS's or EPS from AccountEdge, check HMRC's PAYE service status by clicking here.

Once you have checked HMRC's PAYE service status, resubmit any 'unsent' FPS or EPS using the Full Payment Submission or Employer Payment Summary option from the Payroll menu.


IMPORTANT!  If you're resubmitting unsent FPS's after the paycheque's payment date, select Late Reason - G: Reasonable excuse to avoid a potential late fee.

For example, if the employees were paid on Monday 30/11/2015 but you're resubmitting the 'unsent' FPS on Tuesday 1 December, select Late Reason G: Reasonable Excuse.

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