RTI Submission Failure

'Your Full Payment Submission has failed'

Article ID: 2025190               Last updated: 5 April 2017


From time to time, Mamut Support receives queries from customers who have been experiencing problems submitting Real Time Information (RTI) to HMRC. The problem affects Full Payment Submissions, Employer Payment Summaries and Earlier Year Updates.

The issue is due to the HMRC PAYE service being closed for maintenance or other reasons.

Before making further submissions, please check HMRC's PAYE service status by clicking here.  (Unfortunately, the PAYE service status page is not always very up to date!)


What does this mean for AccountEdge Plus users?

If you know that your internet connection is working (check various websites via your internet browser to check this), then the HMRC Gateway is suffering problems.

While the HMRC Gateway problem remains, you may receive the following message when making RTI submissions:


You will need to send your FPS submission later.

IMPORTANT!  If you're submitting unsent FPS's after the paycheque's payment date, ensure you select Late Reason - G: Reasonable excuse to avoid a potential late fee.

For example, if the employees were paid on Wednesday 5/4/2017 but you're submitting the unsent FPS on Thursday 6/4/2017, select Late Reason G: Reasonable Excuse to avoid a potential late submission penalty.



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