Printing P45s

Article ID: 2025191         Last updated: 20 August 2015


You must give all employees a P45 when they stop working for you.

A P45 should be printed and given to a leaving employee after you have sent the employee's last paycheque information and leaving date to HMRC via the employee's last Full Payment Submission (FPS).

If you have not already done so, please review the Employee Leaving Work support note for full details.

Printing a P45

1. Go to Command Centres> Payroll> Print P45s



 2. In the Review P45s Before Printing window, click Advanced Filters...



3. In Advanced Filters choose which P45 form you wish to use for printing:


Note! The P45(Online) forms should not be submitted anywhere online; this is simply HMRC's name for plain paper P45 forms.


4. Back in the Review P45s Before Printing window, tick the required employee and click Print.


Mark the Employee Card as Inactive

Finally, go to the Card List and open the leaving employee's card details. Tick the card as Inactive to prevent this employee appearing when you next process payroll.



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