TeamViewer Quick Support Downloads

ArticleID: 2025204       Last Updated: 9 November 2015

On occasions, it may be necessary to perform a remote desktop session in order to resolve a support issue. On these occasions, the Mamut Support Team may ask you to download one of the TeamViewer downloads listed below.


Mamut Support Remote Assistance Session

1. Terms and Disclaimer

By installing Mamut Support’s tools for remote assistance and joining a remote session, you agree that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions stated below:

Implementation of Remote Assistance

Mamut Support will in connection with your support request, log on to your computer and perform support services or error correction regarding software delivered by Mamut Software Ltd.

The remote session is initiated by you installing the necessary software provided by the links above and installation instructions found below.  When the remote assistance session is established, Mamut Support will be able to see you screen and control your computer.

You can choose to end the remote session at any time, should you wish to do so.


Mamut Support primarily makes use of electronic communications (including unencrypted e-mail and transfer of screen images). By accepting these terms and conditions you accept the risks of this kind of communication.


Before any remote assistance session is initiated you must close all programs not related to the support request.

Mamut Software Ltd has a confidentiality agreement that states that all information in our support requests is confidential unless otherwise stated by law. Information that is not covered by legal confidentiality is treated with discretion.

If external assistance from experts is needed, the necessary information could be shared with these experts to the extent necessary for the assignment. Any received data is deleted on an ongoing basis when no longer needed.


You cannot make claim of liability of any kind or on any grounds against Mamut Software as result of errors, defects, damage, accident, viruses or similar that may arise in relation with the remote assistance session. Moreover, you cannot claim from Mamut Software Ltd any expenses or losses due to consequential damages, increased costs or expenses, lost profits, or other consequential losses of any kind, including but not limited to loss of information, data, etc. Please also see the Mamut Software user agreement for additional information.

2. Starting a Remote Support Session

To investigate your issue further, we can implement a remote assistance session on your computer.

Please follow the steps below to create a remote assistance session with Mamut Support.

1. Click on the requried link below and choose to run the downloaded file:

Mac OS X

  • Mamut TeamViewer QuickSupport 8


  • Mamut TeamViewer QuickSupport 8

3. A TeamViewer window will appear, in which you’ll find Your ID and Password.  Please provide both pieces of information to Mamut Support in order that we can connect to your computer.

4. Once Mamut Support connects to your computer, you’ll see that a TeamViewer notification appears at the bottom right of your screen and that Mamut Support will be able to see and control your computer.

5. You can stop the remote session at any time by clicking the red ‘X’ button in the notification box at the bottom right of your window.

6. The downloaded TeamViewer application will automatically be uninstalled when you close the application. Mamut Support cannot connect to your computer again without completing the above process in full.


What is TeamViewer?

For more information about TeamViewer, please click here.