Full Payment Submission - Error 2000  Fatal

Article ID: 2025206      Last Updated: 17 November 2015


Depending on your company file you may receive more than one error message when trying to submit your returns. Most messages received from the HMRC validation gateway will likely indicate to you where the problem lay.

It is important to note any errors that appear on your screen in detail; preferably take a screen image if you need to contact the Mamut Support Team.


Error 2000

Full Payment Submission Error

Number: 2000     Type: Fatal

The Gateway could not locate a record for the supplied correlation ID...



This error is caused where one or more submission fields contain a non-UK alphabetic character, for example: á é ö ĉ

Check your employee addresses for non-UK characters and replace where necessary.

Tip!  If you successfully submitted an FPS's for the previous period, then the offending non-UK character is most likely to be related to an employee address you recently edited, or a new employee added to the payroll.



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