Setting the Company File Default Application

Article ID: 2025211           Last Updated:  9 December 2015


You may sometimes find that your AccountEdge company file (.myo file) loses its associated default application. Typically this happens when there have been updates to Max OS X or other changes to the computer.  As a result you may find one or both of the following:

  • The wrong application starts when double-clicking your .myo company file
  • The wrong icon appears on your .myo company file



To reset your .myo company file's application, take the following steps:

1.  Quit AccountEdge, if it is open or running.

2.  Locate your .myo company file on your computer.

3.  Click once on your .myo company file to highlight it.  Then click File> Get Info, example below:



An information window will appear.

4.  You will notice that in the Open with section, the wrong application is associated with your company file.



5.  Use the dropdown list to set Open with to the appropriate AccountEdge application.

6.  Click the Change All button to ensure that all .myo company files open with the AccountEdge application.

7.  Click Continue when asked to confirm that you wish to make the change for all .myo files.

8.  Double-click your .myo company file.  It should open with the correct AccountEdge application.


Note!  At this point you should also find that the company file's icon has changed to AccountEdge's usual image.  If the icon has not yet changed, perform a restart of your computer.



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