'We've encountered an issue with your company file'

Article ID: 2025214                Last updated: 1 April 2016


AccountEdge Plus 2016 Only

Upon installing the 20.2.1B update, some customers may receive the following message when opening their company file for the first time:



Your company file has been set to Read Only mode for safety and you should not enter more data into this file.  You will need to re-upgrade your AccountEdge Plus 2015 company file to version 2016 to continue with this file.

Once your company file has been re-upgraded to AccountEdge Plus 2016, you will unfortunately need to re-enter any work entered into your file since the original upgrade.

If you need to reprocess paycheques, then do as normal, with original dates and values.  When prompted to send the Full Payment Submission (FPS), do so as normal but ensure you tick the 'Final Submission' option and select Late Reason: G - Reasonable excuse.  You are not actually late, since you submitted the FPS previously, but it is better to send this note than not.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.


• How to Re-Upgrade Your AccountEdge Plus 2015 Company File

Firstly, go to the Accounts menu and select Company Data Auditor.  Take a note of your company file's File Name (it will end .myo).  Now look for the File Location setting and click the magnifying glass to the right, this will open the folder that contains your company file.

Rename the file your company file so that you know this is a Read Only file, for example XYZ Ltd Read Only.myo.  After re-upgrading your 2015 company file, you will be able to open the Read Only file, should you need it.

Now you can re-upgrade your original AccountEdge Plus 2015 company file.  The 2015 file will still be present on your system in its original 2015 folder location.

To re-upgrade your AccountEdge 2015 company file, please follow Section 5 of the AccountEdge Plus Upgrade Guide, or from 6:45 of the Upgrade Video.


Once your company file has been re-upgraded, please check that it contains the transactional information you expect up to the last time it was used in AccountEdge Plus 2015. You will need to re-enter any work entered into your company file since the original 2016 upgrade was performed.

Please contact your computer administrator or Mamut Support if you require assistance.


• How to Re-Upgrade Your AccountEdge Plus NE 2015 Company File

You may need to speak to your system administrator or Mamut Support for assistance with re-upgrading your 2015 company file.