Dropbox Backup or Connection Failing

Article ID:  2025228        Last Updated:  10 April 2018


If you experience issues when connecting or backing up to Dropbox from AccountEdge, the problem is likely due to an update to Dropbox's security software, which in turn requires an update to your current version of AccountEdge, or a possible upgrade to the latest full version of AccountEdge. 

Firstly, check that you're using the latest update of your version of AccountEdge by going to the AccountEdge menu at the top left corner of your screen, then selecting Check for Updates. If an update is available for your version, install it and try the Dropbox connection/backup again.

If the problem remains, you have two choices: 

1.  Upgrade to the latest full version of AccountEdge.

2.  If you have the Dropbox app installed on your computer, use AccountEdge's Backup to Disk feature, backing up directly to your local Dropbox folder.  This backup will then be automatically uploaded to Dropbox (cloud) via your locally installed Dropbox application.


Note:  Check with your computer or IT administrator if you are unsure which solution is most appropriate for you.



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