Anonymising Contact Cards

Article ID: 2025232             Last Updated: 16 May 2018


There may be occasions where you are unable to delete a contact card due to being unable to remove all transactions from the card.

If you determine that you have no legal reason to retain a card or its information, you may wish to consider anonymising the card so that it can no longer be identified. 

There are two methods to choose from:

  • Edit and remove the card information - Open and edit the card, changing the card's name and deleting relevant card information.
  • Combine the unwanted card into another card - Delete the unwanted card by combining it into a 'Former Contacts' card.

Important Considerations

  • Before anonymising any information, ensure you have taken a backup of your company file. For more information about backing up your data, see here.
  • Speak to your IT administrator if you are in any doubt about your backup and restore procedures for your AccountEdge data.
  • The anonymising of records cannot be reversed and will require you to restore a backup in order to undo the process, or to view any anonymised records.
  • You should be careful about anonymising records that haven’t been included in necessary reporting. After records are anonymised, they will no longer be identifiable in any reports.
  • You are responsible for ensuring that you do not anonymise any data that is required for accounting, audit, or other legal purposes, by selecting the appropriate records to anonymise.

Method 1:  Edit and remove card information manually

Note:  You should determine what you wish to edit or remove from the list of suggestions below.

  1. Go to the Card File menu> Card List.  Locate and open the card you wish to edit.
  2. In the card's Profile window, if appropriate, edit the Name or Last Name to something like 'ZZZxxxxxxxx'.  (Placing ZZZ at the start of the name will ensure the card is moved at the bottom of the card list, thus keeping your card list tidy.  Replace xxxxxxxx with random characters of your choice.)
  3. Tick the Inactive Card checkbox.  This means the card will not appear in selection lists and will be excluded from most reports.
  4. Delete all Card ID and contact information that you deem appropriate. (Check the Location dropdown to ensure you haven't entered more than one address for the card).
  5. Depending on the type of card you are editing, move onto the Card Details, Selling/BuyingDetails, Payroll Details, Banking Details, and Payment Details windows and delete any information you deem appropriate.
  6. In the Reminders window delete any reminders you deem appropriate.  (Note, it is possible to delete batches of reminders by date across your company file.  See here for more information)
  7. If present, click the Docs button at the bottom of the card window, then select and Detach any documents that you deem appropriate from the card. 

Method 2:  Combine the unwanted card into a 'Former Contacts' card

The Combine Cards feature allows you to quickly combine one card into another, deleting the unwanted card.

The Combine Cards feature is available for customer, supplier and lead records.  Employee cards cannot be combined, they can only be edited per above.

  • When you combine two cards, you identify one as the primary card and the other as a secondary card. The primary card becomes the owner of all the transaction details (transactions, jobs, history and so on) currently linked to the secondary record, and the secondary record is deleted.
  • When you view historical reports from the previous financial year (for instance, the previous financial year’s balance sheet), the primary card is listed showing the combined account balance.


If we combine customer ABC & Co with a 'Former Customers' card, the ABC & Co card will be deleted and its remaining transactions (if present) moved onto the Former Customers card.

To combine two cards:

  1. Go to the Card File menu> Card List.
  2. If you've not already done so, create a new card that will be used as the primary (combined) card, for example a 'Former Customers' card.  Similarly, create a primary Former Suppliers and Former Leads card, if required.  The primary card does not need an address or other details.
  3. On the Card List, click once on the Former Customers card to select it.  It will highlight blue.
  4. Click the settings 'cog-wheel' button below the Card List and select Combine Cards from the menu.
  5. In the Combine Cards window, select the Secondary (unwanted) card you wish to combine into the Primary (Former Customers) card. 

Caution - The next action cannot be undone

Before continuing, check that you have selected the correct cards to be combined.  If you combine the wrong cards, you will have to restore the last backup to reinstate the original records.

  • When you are happy to continue, click Combine Cards.  Click OK to confirm you want combine the two cards.



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