Viewing and Deleting Old Contacts from the Card List

Article ID: 2025234                Last Updated: 29 June 2018


Starting with AccountEdge 2018, you can filter the Card List window by Last Transaction date.

Card List Filters

In the example above, we have selected a filter to view all customers with a last transactions date before 1 January 2015.


Selecting and Deleting Multiple Cards

Now that we have a list of old contact cards, you might want to delete some of them.

Important Considerations

  • Before deleting any information, ensure you have taken a backup of your company file. For more information about backing up your data, see here.
  • Speak to your IT administrator if you are in any doubt about your backup and restore procedures for your AccountEdge data.
  • The deletion of records cannot be reversed and will require you to restore a backup in order to undo the process, or to view any deleted records.
  • You should be careful about deleting records that haven’t been included in necessary reporting. After records are deleted, they will no longer appear in any reports.
  • You are responsible for ensuring that you do not delete any data that is required for accounting, audit, or other legal purposes, by selecting the appropriate records to delete.

To Select and Delete Cards

1.  On your keyboard, locate and hold down the Cmd ⌘ button.

2.  With the Cmd ⌘ button depressed, click to select each card you wish to delete.

3.  When you are happy with your selection, release the Cmd ⌘ button and select Edit> Delete Cards from your menu bar.

Select and Delete Cards


Note:  You may receive a message that one or more of the selected cards cannot be deleted.

If so, you can choose to delete all the cards that can be deleted, and then attempt to delete the remaining cards one by one.



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