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  • Error 503:  Server Error - API is currently unavailable

Article ID: 2025241                      Last updated:  15 September 2021


When attempting to authorise, set VAT period, or submit VAT returns you may receive the following error:

MTD Error 503


The message is generated by the HMRC gateway and indicates that Making Tax Digital services are currently unavailable due to either:

  • Scheduled maintenance of HMRC servers
  • The HMRC server is down or experiencing problems


This error does not affect AccountEdge data and does not result in losing reconciled VAT returns or similar.

Do not attempt to continually submit VAT returns if you receive this error.


1.  Check HMRC service availability (linked below) - but note that this is not always entirely accurate!

2.  If no HMRC information is provided, wait for an hour or more before attempting your submission again.


Making Tax Digital:  Service Availability

You can check HMRC's MTD service availability by CLICKING HERE.



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