'Invalid Grant Access

AccountEdge cannot retrieve your details from HMRC'

Article ID: 2025246                      Last updated:  6 November 2020



This message may occur when attempting a VAT reconciliation, VAT submission, or when examining your VAT Obligations List (VAT period list).

You are likely to be receiving this message due to HMRC's 18 month limitation of your original MTD authorisation for AccountEdge.


•  To reauthorise AccountEdge for Making Tax Digital for the next 18 months, please follow Steps 2.4.3 to 2.4.11 of the VAT & Making Tax Digital Guide.

    The Authorise function can be found in the Setup> Company VAT Information window.


•  If you use MTD for VAT in multiple company files, you may need to reauthorise AccountEdge for each file at different times.



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