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Mamut Dosh Cashbook is designed to provide everything a small business needs to keep a set of books, quickly and accurately. The program is ideal for people who are new to bookkeeping or to using a computer

Cashbook allows users to keep an accurate set of books for their business with minimum fuss or effort. The program has been developed to be accessible to people with no prior experience of financial management or of using a computer.

The program is so simple to use that most of our customers can learn how to use its basic features within half an hour. Many customers we have spoken to have told us how they can keep a set of books for their business in under an hour a week.

Cashbook is designed to produce VAT accounts on a cash accounting basis and is promoted by The Prince's Trust and by hundreds of accountants and bookkeepers throughout the country.


By entering details of payments and receipts into the program, Cashbook will produce the following;

  • A cashbook listing of receipt and payment details
  • An immediate summary of receipts and payments analysed by category, with opeing and closing balances for any chosen period of months.
  • Opening and closing balances shown as totals with a split between cash and bank balances
  • Sub-analysis of receipts and payments allowing all transactions to be easily traced
  • Sort reports by date, voucher number, payee and creditor
  • Set up regular (periodic) payments or receipts to be shown automatically: monthly, quarterly or annually

NEW features in verson 4.

  • Show the transfer of funds from one account to another easily with one single entry.
  • New repeat entry facility available so similar entries can be made more efficiently.
  • Select any date range in summaries so you are not restricted to complete months.
  • Change dates one day at a time in Data Entry screen simply by the click of a button.
  • Enter refunds as negative receipts and Credits as negative payments.
  • Add notes or comments to entries which can be viewed by hovering over the question mark symbol.
  • New toolbar feature allowing data to be saved as .csv file for export spreadsheet.


Mamut Do$h Cashbook is priced at £99 ex. vat and includes 30 days telephone and email support.

Additional support (telephone and email) is priced at £59 ex. vat for a 12 month plan.

Are you looking for Mamut Dosh Cashbook for Mac?

Mamut Dosh Cashbook for Mac has been discontinued and we recommend that you take a look at our Mamut AccountEdge products. Mamut AccountEdge covers everything that a small business like yours needs: Invoicing, quotations, tracking of debtors & credititors, and much more.

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