Additional Mamut One products and services

Mamut can offer a number of additional products and services that allow your company to use Mamut One more efficiently.

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Mamut API

Mamut API gives possibilities to develop integration between your Mamut One system and other applications.

Mamut API (application Programming Interface) gives possibilities to develop integration between your Mamut system and other applications. This solution, however, requires that you have a special understanding of computer programming. 

The API document is priced at £500 ex vat for the licence and £300 ex vat for the yearly service agreement. 

For more information about this product please contact us via email at

Mamut Enterprise PartnerWeb

Mamut Enterprise PartnerWeb gives companies teh facility to offer their customers customised web sites.

All versions of Mamut One contain standard functionality for creating a website with a webshop. With Mamut Enterprise partnerweb you can also offer your customers the facility to create their own user account with a user name and password, giving them access to the web shop and their own special prices.

This is highly effective for regular customers\customer groups with specially negotated prices that differ from your recommended prices. When customers log in, their prices are displayed automatically and their payment\delivery information is already completed. 

As a website owner, you can specify rules for pasword protection, approval of new registrations and procedures for membership processing. 

Mamut PartnerWeb also includes space fro 4000 extra products in your web shop, an extra website and web shop. And whats's more, your website appears without the Mamut logo. With these options, you are assured of a unique and professional website solution.



  • Password protection for website
  • Option to create individual discounts for each customer\customer group.
  • Different approval procedures for ne registrations.
  • Email sent on registration.
  • User account information can be customised.
  • Mypage with order history for the customer.
  • Space for 4000 extra products in the web shop.
  • Extra website and web shop included.
  • Website without the Mamt logo.
  • Possibility to create detailed pages with images for each product
  • Full flexibility with web page headers.



Mamut Enterprise Partnerweb costs £399 ex vat per licence*. The service agreement is priced at £192 ex vat per annum.

*Please note that the product reuires a valid licence for Mamut Enterprise E3, E4 or E5