Mamut Business Software Version 22

Latest Version Launched




Version 22 of Mamut Business Software is now launched and available for download

Whats new!


  • New TOS (Terms of Service)/User Agreement
  • Installation will front new TOS.
  •  All users need to confirm they have read the TOS on first log in.
  • Backup/datatools: The tick box for password protection is defaulted 'on' and recommended.
  • It is possible now to export client and system logs to .csv through systemtools: In order to give users/customers more traceability in data. 
  • Several smaller adjustments both on internal systems and technical on Mamut One-application in order to comply with GDPR.
  • Scripts are available from Mamut support to delete data in relation to GDPR. read more here;

Read more about Mamut and GDPR here

Bug fixes/Improvements

  • A check for Mamut Virtual Printer is performed during start up. If not correctly registered it will be registered.
  • The SQL-server will be started if it's not running.
  • Office-templates upgraded to Office 2007 (docx,xlsx etc.): New Company databases will have updated all document templates to Office 2007 format.
  • All new document templates that are created (both in new and existing company databases) will by default be in Office 2007 format.
  • Export to Excel creates xlsx: When exporting files to Excel the created file will from now be in Office 2007 format (.xlsx).


Version 22. The documentation may refer to services and/or functions that are not included within your solution. If you wish to get more information regarding this, please contact Mamut.


Mamut One

  • Follow the 4 steps below to upgrade to the latest Mamut One Version;
step 1

Update Guide

Read the update guide carefully before you beigin updating


step 2

Integrated Software

Are you using

  • Mamut Point of Sale - click here
  • Third party products - Contact your vendor to check they support the latest version of Mamut before you upgrade
step 3

System requirements

Check the system requirements before updating

step 4

Download and update

Start the update wih the installation program (5MB)

Remember to update your server before clients, and to perfom the database update on the server by starting Mamut, before installing on clients

You can also download the complete install set (941MB) from here