Mamut Business Software Version 21

Latest Version Launched




Version 21 of Mamut Business Software is now launched and available for download

Whats new!

SQL Upgrade

•All customers on SQL2012 or older will be provided with either forced upgrade to SQL2014 (if instance is Express-version and called “Mamut”), prompted a required (SQL2008 or older) or recommended upgrade (SQL2012).


System Requirements

•SQL2008 will not be supported. When starting Mamut.exe towards a SQL2008 (or older) user will get a dialogue-box about this and program will shut.



•The factoring format "Detailed (XML)" has been updated and now supports Customer ID's that are 9 digits long. Previously only 8 digits were supported 

•An error in the Customer/Supplier ledger reports (grouped by period) that cause a lot of empty lines to be printed in the reports has been fixed 

•Improved error handling: Changing warehouse/location on a product line in credit orders is not possible and will now give a notification. Delete the line and add it again to change the warehouse/location 

•Fixed an issue where crediting invoices with empty lines/comments could take a long time.

•It is now possible to save the setting for update behavior when changing delivery date on orders. 

•Field ‘Requisition number’ in Purchase order now supports 50 characters. 


Version 21. The documentation may refer to services and/or functions that are not included within your solution. If you wish to get more information regarding this, please contact Mamut.


Mamut One

  • Follow the 4 steps below to upgrade to the latest Mamut One Version;
step 1

Update Guide

Read the update guide carefully before you beigin updating


step 2

Integrated Software

Are you using

  • Mamut Point of Sale - click here
  • Third party products - Contact your vendor to check they support the latest version of Mamut before you upgrade
step 3

System requirements

Check the system requirements before updating

step 4

Download and update

Start the update wih the installation program (5MB)

Remember to update your server before clients, and to perfom the database update on the server by starting Mamut, before installing on clients

You can also download the complete install set (941MB) from here