Mamut Business Software Version 20

Latest Version Launched




Version 20 of Mamut Business Software is now launched and available for download

Whats new!

Financial in MBS

The "Remittance Advice" report has been improved to make it more visually pleasing and some descriptions have been updated with correct labels 

When adding a cheque number in the remittance wizard an error in MBS 19.0 and 19.1 led to the cheque number being increased for each line that was added to the accounts when the payment was transferred to the main book. In MBS 20.0 the cheque number will be increased for each payment, not for each accounting line 

The report "Nominal ledger printout by project" included numbers from Opening Balance journals that were posted in periods after the date filter that was used when printing the report. These numbers will now be excluded from the report 

The "Invoice Journal (Day book)" report has been updated. It now displays correct information when user defined journal types have been used when invoicing

The sorting of the invoice lines displayed in the Accounting tab in Contact Management has been improved. Previously they didn't get properly updated when the sorting of the lines was changed 

The number check implemented for Italian IBAN account numbers checked for the wrong number of characters. It now correctly checks for a 27 character input

The report "Supplier ledger, sorted by supplier, by period" didn't report opening balances transferred from the previous accounting year if no entries had been made on a specific supplier in the next year. The report now shows opening balances for these suppliers 

Sales/Invoicing in MBS

It is now possible to see which component with serialnumber in a bundle you are returning to warehouse through a creditnote 
Fixed so new productlines on credit-order by default get a negative amount 
Company setting for adding product to all orders now works for quotations created in contact card 

Added a message if you want to update price from price calculator when changing delivery date

Timesheet in Mamut Online

 Fixes in the access rights 

System Requirements

The system requirements have been aligned with Visma policy. That means, Mamut One no longer supports the following:
Windows Vista
Windows 7.0
Windows 8.0
Office 2010.

Please note that this doesn’t mean that we prevent users from using the mentioned operating systems and Office version, it means that we do not officially test on it. We do not have any indications that any of the current functionality will break on what has been taken out.


eCommerce: Captcha on the contact pages is now mobile friendly 

Improved handling of URL links in MBS

Product labels can now be sorted on a products location when printing 
Product Bundle-sheet: It is now possible to see which bundles a component is part of.

Improvements in Mamut Online. 


Version 20.0. The documentation may refer to services and/or functions that are not included within your solution. If you wish to get more information regarding this, please contact Mamut.


Mamut One

  • Follow the 4 steps below to upgrade to the latest Mamut One Version;
step 1

Update Guide

Read the update guide carefully before you beigin updating


step 2

Integrated Software

Are you using

  • Mamut Point of Sale - click here
  • Third party products - Contact your vendor to check they support the latest version of Mamut before you upgrade
step 3

System requirements

Check the system requirements before updating

step 4

Download and update

Start the update wih the installation program (5MB)

Remember to update your server before clients, and to perfom the database update on the server by starting Mamut, before installing on clients

You can also download the complete install set (941MB) from here