Mamut Service Agreement ensures a more secure work day!

As a valued customer of Mamut you are entitled to access a wide array of resources giving you the opportunity to benefit from the knowledge and experience of thousands of Mamut customers. We are confident that this will help you to be prepared for the day ahead and to be in total control of any situation faced by you and your business.


Your Mamut Service Agreement ensures that you always have the very latest version of your Mamut product. You will receive easy to install updates including the latest functionality and support for new legislation and regulations, forms, changes in tax rates and other matters that affect your business. You will receive updates at least once a year, as well as updates of minor importance which will be available for download on our website as and when issued. Updates can be downloaded from our website or directly from your Mamut system.

Mamut Support Centre

We place great importance on providing a responsive and professional support department, which can promptly provide answers to your questions. Your Mamut Service Agreement entitles you to user support through telephone, e-mail, internet or directly from your program.

Mamut Information Desk

Within the program you will find a news channel that provides you with information, news and user tips directly related to your program and area of business. Provided you are connected to the internet, Mamut Information Desk (MID) also contains a direct link to our support department. You are able to log your enquiries directly in the program, and receive answers through your MID. This means that even if you are unavailable, we are able to provide you with the answers to your questions quickly and efficiently.

Web server hosting

Web server hosting for your web site is included within the cost of your Mamut Service Agreement. You will also automatically receive an easy to remember web address e.g.

Special offers

Your Mamut Service Agreement also entitles you to special offers on Mamut products.

The Mamut Service Agreement – an ongoing agreement

The Mamut Service Agreement is an ongoing subscription which must be terminated before the expiry date. The agreement is mandatory for most products. Read more about the terms and conditions for the Mamut Licence Agreement/ Mamut Service Agreement here 

How to order your Mamut Service Agreement

To order or renew a Mamut Service Agreement, pelase contact Mamut’s sales department.