How do I send an E-mail to a selection of contacts?

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In order to send an e-mail to a selection of contacts you must ensure that you have Microsoft Outlook installed for the active user, together with an e-mail address for the contact.

How to send an e-mail to a group of contacts

1. Go to View - E-mail - Group.

2. Select Simple filter and click Next.

3. In the window that follows Apply filter for contacts\contacts persons, you may choose the contacts you wish to send the e-mail to. When you have chosen your desired selection criteria, click Next.

4. Select Create E-mail for defined selection and click Next.

5. You will now create an e-mail. Here you will be able to see the contacts you have chosen to send the e-mail to. To remove any contact from this list, simply click on the TO icon and you will be able to remove them.

6. If you wish to attach a file to this e-mail, you can do so by clicking on the File button. In the window that follows, browse to the file and select Open.

7. You may now type the main body of the message and click Send E-mail.

The e-mail will now open in the usual way, but the recipient of the e-mail will show in the BCC. The reason for this, is so the other recipients cannot see the e-mail addresses of the others included in the email.

Note! Your e-mail address does not appear, however it will automatically be shown in the recipients e-mail.