How do I specify that a contact is a 'Head Office'?

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Please note you need Enterprise E4 or E5 for this functionality

Some of your business contacts may have several offices from which they operate, and often one of these will be the main, or Head Office. In Mamut, you can designate a contact to be the Head Office, which you can then add other contacts/office to.

How to set a contact to 'Head Office' status:

1. Go to View - Contacts - Contact Management and locate the contact you wish to define as Head office, or create a new contact to assign Head office to.

2. In the Contact Management window, select the tab Settings.

3. Under this tab, click the Customer button. This will take you to the Settings window for that contact.

4. To designate the contact as a head office, select Yes from the Head Office drop-down list. If you do not want the contact as a head office, select No from this drop-down list.

5. Click OK to return to Contact Management.


Connecting other contacts to the head office:

If the contact is a head office, it will usually have other contacts connected to it. For all the contacts that are connected to the head office, it must be specified in Contact Management for the relevant contacts. This is done by opening the contact(s) in Contact Management and choosing the head office from the drop-down list Head Office.

1. Open Contact Management (View - Contacts - Contact Management) and find the desired contact who will be connected to the head office. This is done either by browsing to the contact by using the green arrows, or by clicking the button List in the toolbar. You will see a list of your contacts. Click the line of the contact you want, then click OK.

2. Now you are going to insert the head office the contact will be connected to. Click the search button to the right of the field Head Office, (see example below). The window Head Office Overview will appear. Note: If you have already entered a head office, and you click this button, you will be asked if you wish to delete the link to the head office. If you want to enter a new head office, answer Yes here.

 head office functionality mamut one


3. In the window Head Office Overview, select the correct head office, then click OK.

4. You will then be asked about the head office's terms of payment, terms of delivery, methods of delivery and order discounts that apply for the contact. Here you answer Yes or No, as you wish.

For Invoicing:

When you invoice a contact who is connected to a head office, the invoice goes to the contact, not the head office. On the invoice that is printed out, the head office will be given as a reference. If you want the invoice to go to the head office, you can click the button Invoice Address (the search button you will find to the right of the field for invoice address) in the Sales and Invoicing module. You can then determine the address the invoice will be sent to.


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