How do I use the price calculator?

There are two ways to use the price calculator in the Product module:

1.  To set the product's price, mark the price line that is created and click Edit. The price calculator helps you calculate the Cost price, the Gross Profit and the Sales Price.

2.  The same price calculator can also be used to create new prices, either permanently through general price adjustment, or temporarily, such as for a campaign. This is done by clicking New.

Procedure for using the price calculator:

1. The price calculator is activated by editing or creating a new price line in the Product register.

2. Enter the date from when the price applies. To create a new price line, the 'Price to' will automatically be updated in the previous line. You can also give the price line a short description.

3. The Sales price is the sum of the Purchase price and Expenses, added to the Gross Profit. What would be most natural then would be to enter the Purchase price.

4. The expenses apply in relation to labour, warehouse costs and transport. The Cost price equals the sum of the Purchase price and Expenses.

5. When you enter the Gross Profit, the Sales price will be generated (it is also possible to generate the Gross Profit by entering the Sales price). You can give the gross profit in your currency, percent or as a factor. For the last two options, you can choose the option box % or factor to indicate how you wish to state the gross profit.

6. Changes in the cost price can affect the sales price or the gross profit. You decide what is influenced by selecting the desired alternative from the pull-down list on the right side of the window.

7. Changes in the Sales price can affect the cost price or the gross profit. Determine what will be influenced by selecting the alternative you want from the pull-down list on the right bottom of the window.

8. To finish, you can enter an additional markup in the price, after adding the cost price and gross profit, as an expression for the difference between the sales price and the recommended sales price. This markup can also be stated in your currency, percent or factor. Notice that the recommended sales price is not active in other parts of the program, but is simply to help you keep an overview.

9. When the price is calculated or edited in the price calculator, close the calculator by clicking OK. If you wish to cancel the price calculation, click Cancel or Help.