How to create a quotation template

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A quotation template can provide the opportunity to extend a special offer to a number of different customers at the same time. A group quotation can easily be turned into a group order (when all of the customers accept the offer) or individual orders where single customers place orders.

A quotation template is created in a similar way as a normal quotation but the with the exception that the template is created in the screen Quotation Template and that you are not asked to choose one of your customers before you enter the products. Instead, you enter a text description of what the offer template contains. All payment and delivery terms are inherited directly from the customers who receive the offer. You can meanwhile attach various fixed texts to the quotation template using the Text tab for this. These will be attached to all quotations, orders and invoices that are generated via the template.

How do you create a quotation template?

1. Open the Quotation Registration screen by selecting the menu View - Sales/Invoice - Quotation Register from the main window in Mamut Business Software.

2. Choose Quotation Template from the drop-down list within the toolbar.

3. Click on the New button to create a new Template.

4. Select the Quotation Template radio button within the Create Quotation window.

5. Enter a description of the Quotation Template in the Template field and fill out the remaining fields.

Entering products into your template:

This procedure is repeated until you have added all the products you want to include in the order.

1. Click on the New button below the Product Lines tab. If you know the product number enter it into the Product Number column to the left of the page and move to point 4.

2. If you do not know the product number of the product to be added, you can get an overview of your products by clicking on the button Show Product List.

3. Select the product you want to enter into the quotation template and click on Insert. If you wish to insert many products, check that that the box Close product window by clicking on Insert is unchecked. Select each of the products that belong within the quotation template and click on Insert to move each one into the quotation template form.

4. Once you have entered the order quantities and adjusted the prices, you can click on the printer icon to print the details in one of two formats: Quotation and Quotation Advanced. Ensure you use the correct filters to avoid many unwanted documents being produced.

Generating Orders based upon Quotation Templates:
The Quotation button should be used to print out an order based upon a quotation template. The quotation wizard will be started and guide you through the different stages to convert a quotation template into one or many orders.