Is it possible to use a bar code reader with Mamut Business Software?

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A barcode reader functions in the same manner as a usual keyboard. The barcode reader is connected between the keyboard and the PC, and can convey numbers and characters to the program you have open on your machine.

Bar codes are found in many varieties, but the most commonly used standard is EAN (European Article Numbering). This code consists of 13 numbers, where the first two represent a land prefix, the next four are a supplier code that is allocated by EAN’s representatives in that particular country (e.g. EAN United Kingdom). Additionally, there are six digits that are allocated to the suppliers product, and finally a control character.

The following is required before you can make use of barcodes in Mamut Business Software:

Before you will be able to use barcodes with Mamut Business Software, it is necessary that your products are marked with a barcode, and that this barcode corresponds with the product number of the products in your product register. This can be achieved in two ways:

  1. If your suppliers have already marked the incoming goods with an EAN-number or similar, this can be used. You must ensure all your products have identical numbers in the product register. However, it is not possible to amend a product number in Mamut Business Software if the product has already been invoiced through the Sales/Invoicing module, so this is probably only possible to implement if you are beginning the process of creating your product register.
  2. Another possibility is that you mark the products with your own barcodes that correspond to their product numbers within the Mamut Business Software product register. Barcodes are written with a special font that writes out a barcode line instead of the usual character. There is also software that helps your to design your product labels. This method allows you to maintain the existing structure of your product register.

How to create an order using barcodes:
If the product number in the barcode corresponds to the product number in the product register, you can create product lines in an order using the barcodes. See the reference article “How to create an order using barcodes” for more information.