How to invoice a customer in another currency

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It is often desirable to invoice a customer in thier own currency. If this is always to apply to a particular customer, it is best to state their currency within the customer's contact card. As a one-off however, it is best to overrule the currency within the order.

The following settings are set if the customer should always be invoiced in their own currency:

1. Choose View - Contact - Contact Register.

2. Select the relevant customer.

3. Click on the Settings tab.

4. Next, click on the Customer button and choose the appropriate currency in the Currency field.

All new orders for this customer will be priced in this currency.

What to do if a customer shall be invoiced in another currency for a single order:

1. Choose View - Sales - Invoicing- Order Registration.

2. Create an order and in the Currency field choose which currency you wish to use.

3. If you not find the desired currency in the list, you can click on the Currency Register button (the button with three dots) and create a new currency using the New button.

4. In the Currency Register you must tick the View column to make a new currency available in the order screen.

5. You also have the possibility to change the exchange rate if desired..

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