How to create an order using a barcode reader

If the product number in the bar code corresponds to the product number in the product register, you can create Product Lines in an order using these barcodes.

Before using a barcode reader in Mamut Business Software, you should read the article "Is it possible to use a bar code reader with Mamut Business Software?

An overview of creating an Order using a barcode reader:

1. Open the Sales and Invoicing module by selecting View - Sales/Invoicing - Order Registration.

2. Create a new order by clicking on the New button and fill in the relevant fields.

3. When creating each Product Lines, scan the bar code on the goods that should be included in the order, instead of entering the product number yourself.

4. The product with the corresponding product number is now entered on the product line, with the necessary information that is specified in the Product Register.

5. Repeat point 4 until you have retrieved all the products that should be entered into the order.

6. After setting the order quantities and adjusting the price and discount values, you can print out the Invoice, Order Confirmation, Picking List and Delivery Note based on the registered data. This is done by clicking on the Invoice button (Invoice), or Print (Order Confirmation, Picking List, Delivery Note etc.).