How do I create a Bill of Materials/Product Bundles in Mamut Business Software?

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Setting up a Bill of Materials (called Product Bundle) in Mamut Business Software is fairly straight forward. However, you need to enable the correct settings first.

Bill of Material in Mamut Business Software

1. Enable Product Bundle company-wide.
a. Select View - Settings - Company - Settings per Module - Product.
b. Enable (check) the 2nd setting Company sells products that consist of other products (product bundle).
c. Click OK, and then OK again to return back to the settings window.

2. Enable Product Bundle per user.
a. Select View - Settings - User - Settings per Module - Product - Advanced.
b. Select the Product card tab and enable (check) Product Bundle in the Tabs to be shown section.
c. Click OK and then Save and exit the user profile.

3. Close the settings window.


How to create the actual product bundle

Before you can create a product bundle you must create the products that will comprise the components of the product bundle.

1. Create a New product or go to the product that is going to be included in the product bundle.

2. Select the Product bundles tab.

3. Select Component is part of a product bundle.
Repeat points 1 – 3 for all products that are going to be included as components.

4. If it is a bill of materials that requires a labour component this can be added by creating a product called Labour and adding it as a component of the product bundle.

5. Click New to create the product bundle as a new product itself.

6. Select the Product bundles tab.

7. Select Product bundle which has components.

8. Specify the settings for how the product bundle should be displayed in sales, on invoices and in purchase orders.
Simplified overview: display the product number and product name on both the product bundle and components, but only the quantity, price and total on the component’s product line.
Detailed list: display the quantity, price and total for the components as well.
Do not show components: select this option if you only want the Product bundle to be displayed in sales, on invoices or in purchase orders.

9. Select the Warehouse update you want for sales and purchases of the product bundle.
Update components: warehouse transactions will update the components in the product bundle.
Update main product: is selected if you want the warehouse transaction to affect the product bundle itself. In this case you have to assemble the product bundle before you sell it.

10. Click New in the tab to link a component to the product bundle.

11. Select one of the components you created in point 1.

12. Click OK.

13. Register the No. of units that are to be included in the product bundle.

14. Click OK.

Repeat points 9 –13 until all components that are to be included in the product bundle have been added.

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