Editing reports in Mamut

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Within Mamut it is possible to edit and adapt the majority of reports according to your wishes and requirements. If the invoice printout does not entirely meet your requirements, you may wish to; remove or reposition fields, change the font or size of the text, or enter text that is different from what is standard. This is possible using the report editor which is found under View - Settings - Reports - Report/Label Editor menu.

1. Select View followed by Settings. '

2. Click on Reports in the Settings window.

3. Click on Reports/Label Editor in the Reports window.

4. Under the Reports tab, select the report you wish to edit and click Edit. You can delete or move fields on the report template as desired. 

5. Select File and then Close once you have made the necessary changes.

6.Answer Yes to confirm you wish to save changes when the Do you wish to save changes to report window appears.


TIP! Begin by printing out the report that you wish to edit. It is then easier to find out which fields on the report are responding to which fields within the report editor.

IMPORTANT! To print the reports you have edited, you must choose to print out Company database reports. Select View - Settings - User and click on the Settings per Module tab. Next click the Reports button. Change the Default Reports group from the drop-down menu, to ensure that reports in the Company Database Reports area are run by default. If this is not done, the original reports will be set as the default.