Journal entry shortcuts.

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For effective use of the Journal Entry functionality within your system, it is useful to become familiar with some of the shortcuts available in this module.

The following shortcuts may be used within the journal entry screen.


New Journal- Create a new journal if the previous journal is in balance

Close invoicing window - Invoice number\CID number must be entered.

Complete Journal atomatically balances journal when second nominal code is entered.

/ or * Change Journal type.
- or ? Opens Chart of Accounts,- when entered in the N\C column.
* Copy journal line text from previous journal line.
d Set the date to  Todays date (System date).
CTRL+INSERT Add a new journal line.
CTRL+L View Journal list.
CTRL+B Change Journal settings.
CTRL+A Open  VAT settings.
CTRL+K Open Chart of Accounts
CTRL+R Open Currency register.
CTRL+I Open  User settings.
CTRL+P Open  Reports module.
CTRL+H Update Journals to ledger.
CTRL+Q Close window.
F1 Open Help files.
F3 Go to Journal template.
F4 Exclude VAT in entry.
F5 Include VAT in entry.


Go to Net\Gross Mode .
F9 Move cusor to journal date.
F11 Move cusor to select Period.
F12 Open Calculator  in Debit\Credit.
1100 Opens list of Customers when entered in the N\C column.
2100 Opens list of Suppliers when entered in the N\C column.
CTRL+SHIFT+A Open Activities
ESC Close Chart of accounts - if it is open.
Space Open Dropdownlist allowing you to select from list