How do I enter time sheets?

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Timesheets are usually linked to an employee. Should the employee you wish to link the timesheet to not yet exist, you can create a New employee entry under Human resources - Employee register.

Entering timesheet data

1. Go to Timesheet input located under Project. Press New and enter a Description, Notes can also be entered if desired.

2. Select the employee and enter the date, time of the work performed, the project and department.

3. Link the task with a product number (a service item can be entered under a product number by creating a new product) and a contact number to ensure correct invoicing.

Completing Timesheets

1. Checked the timesheet data entered previously.

2. Click the Complete timesheet (Ctrl+U) icon on the toolbar.

3. Select the drop down list in the top right corner of the input screen and select 'completed time sheets'.

4. Check all details again and click either Approve time sheet (Ctrl+G) or Reject timesheet (Ctrl+A) in the toolbar.

Note: the Approve time sheet (Ctrl+G) icon is the same as the Complete timesheet (Ctrl+A) icon previously selected.

Linking timesheets to invoicing

If the timesheet has been approved it can then be linked to a contact and subsequently invoiced. To do so:

1. Select Transferable to order/project from the drop-down menu in the top-right corner of the timesheet input screen. All completed time sheets will then be displayed.

2. Check details and adjust the price, mark up or discount (if necessary).

3. Click The transfer to order/project module (Ctrl+O) icon when you are happy with all the details. The timesheet details will then be sent to the order and be available to be invoiced within the quotation, sales, invoicing functions of the program.

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