How do I only use the Mamut web shop and not the website?

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In Mamut Business Software it is possible to only use the webshop and not create a website. This may be appropriate if you have websites that are produced externally, or if you use a different program other than Mamut to maintain and update your website.

The webshop module in Mamut distinguishes between the website and the webshop. The website is intended to contain the main pages and all contents, news pages and contact pages. The website has its own navigation menu, which is not integrated with the navigation menu located in the webshop.

The webshop contains product lists, product information, pricing, shopping cart, the choice of payment and shipping, terms and conditions, cashier and ordering. The Webshop has its own navigation menu for products which isn't integrated with the navigation menu that you find in the website.

You can setup your Mamut website to direct visitors to the webshop, or another Internet site (Forwarding).

The settings can be selected by going to View - E-Commerce – Website Settings.

To direct customers from your externally produced website to the Mamut webshop, simply use / company / shop

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