How do I add more user-defined fields?

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Applying user-defined fields is an effective an easy way for you to segment your contact base and is a great tool for helping you to devise an effective CRM strategy. User-defined fields are quick and simple to set up and will enable you to customize Mamut Business Software according to your company's market-specific needs for the registration and storage of vital customer information.

To add further user defined fields to the default selection:

1. Click on View - Settings - Company.

2. Click on the Properties Register icon under the Company Settings tab.

3. Scroll down the list and highlight User-defined fields.

4. Click Edit.

5. Click New and enter a description.

6. Use the Type of value drop-down menu to mark the field as a Character/Text, Numerical/Number or Date field type.

7. Click OK.

If you require further information, please contact support.

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