How do I setup a new budget in Mamut?

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In Mamut Business Software, you are able to add a performance budget which can be divided into a Sales Budget, Purchasing Budget, Payroll budget, Operating Budget and an Investment budget. Budget numbers will also be posted in a Cash Flow Budget. This budget is formed on the basis of the settings for the Cash Flow budget here

How to setup a new budget:

1. Go to View - Accounting - Budget.

2. Click on the New icon.

3. Enter the Name of the budget, and select which accounting year the budget will apply to.

4. If you want the numbers for this budget to be posted on reports that include budget numbers, then you have to mark Standard budget. If you wish to add the budget to a project or a department then you have to mark the fields for this.

5. In the drop-down box to the right of each budget, you can specify the category for your budget.

6. By clicking on the icon to the right of each budget, you can apply the settings for how the budget will affect your cash flow budget, and define which general ledger accounts the budget will be distributed to if you select another budget account other than the Main ledger account.

7. When you have chosen the appropriate settings for your budget, click OK.

8. The Import budget data wizard will start. Choose that you wish to set up an Empty budget, and click Complete.

9. Now you can add in the budget numbers you would like by double clicking on the line, or by highlighting the line and clicking Edit. If you have chosen something other than Totals as the budget account of your budget, a list will appear where you can choose where you want to register the budget numbers. For example if you have gone into the sales budget, and have chosen Sales as a budget account, a list of sales people will appear. Mark a sales person, and click OK. You can now add budget numbers for this sales person. If you want to add budget numbers for other sales people, Click on the icon Import, and the sales person will be added in the sales budget.

10. When you have added the figures click Save and Close.

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