How do I reverse an entry within Financials?

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In Mamut Business Software it is possible to reverse entries from within Financials.




Here's how:

1. Go to View - Accounting - Financials

2. Locate the entry that you want to reverse, then click on the entry so that it is highlighted.

3. Then click on the Delete button (black cross in the toolbar).

4. If you select the Financials button, then an identical entry will be generated, with the opposite debit/credit postings. The entry will have the same journal type, entry date, period and accounting year that was selected for the original entry.

5. If you choose Journal Entry, then a reversed journal will be generated in journal entry. You can then make amendments, for example, change the journal type and date, before you update the entry to Financials.


Note: If the period is closed, then it will not be possible to reverse the journal by using this procedure. The journal must then be reversed in an open period.


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