I receive error messages when printing reports

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Up until version 11 of Mamut Business Software the database was based on MS Visual FoxPro. From version 12 the database is based on MS SQL, which means that this can affect fields added to reports. The reason for this is that the programming language is changed from MS Visual FoxPro to T-SQL

Because of this you could experience that a report which was printed before updating to version 12, now gives an error message. The code for the report field must be changed to fit the new version. In this article you will get an overview of the most used codes, and the new codes that replace these.

This is what you should do if you experience an error message when printing from company reports:


1. Try to change the report area to common reports. If this print does not give an error message it is very likely that it is a report code added to your company report that fails.

2. If you remember which code has been added to the report, you can find most codes for Mamut Business Software version 12, in the list below (see separate link for this). Remember to check what report area a code belongs to. A code that works in one report, does not necessarily work in another.


The list is built up like this:

Report: Shows which module or report you can perform the editing in.

Description: What the code will show on printing of the report.

Type of Code: In what type of field in the editing this code can be entered

Expression: This can be found in the pane General when editing fields in a report. The     code is to be copied into the text field and shows information when printing.

Print When: This can be found in the Print When pane when editing a field in a report. The code is copied into the field Print only when expression is true. This is a code that decides when a field will be printed.

Change to: This is the new code that replaces the existing code.

3. If you have found the code, you can now go to View – Settings – Reports – Report/Label editor – mark the report you want to edit and click Edit

4. Find the field that has been edited on the report. Double click this field, and replace the existing code in Expression with the new code.

Important! Remember to replace Print When, if this was indicated in the column Type of Code.


If the report still fails when printing, there could be other fields that need to be edited. If you can’t find the code you are looking for, or the report still fails after updating codes please contact Mamut Support.

For information on how to contact Mamut Support, please go to Help – Contact Support – New queries to the Mamut Support Centre in your Mamut Business Software program.


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