Mamut POS update for MBS 15 and higher

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Mamut Point of Sale version 3.5.4651 which is compatible with Mamut Business Software version 15.0 and later, is now available for download. This article describes the update from version 12 and later, complete with Mamut Point of Sale


 To install the new version of Mamut Point of Sale:

1. Close all programs

2. Update the Mamut Business Software to the latest version.

On our update page you will find the installation set and upgrade guide.

3. Install Mamut Point of Sale

a. Click on the link Mamut Point of Sale version 3.5.4651

b. Select Run (select Run again if you get a security warning)

c. Select the desired language

d. Click Next in the Welcome window

e. User Agreement must be accepted before the installation can be completed.

Select the I accept the terms of the license agreement, and click Next

f. Tick the desired Installation type. We recommend that you use the default option and Complete.

g. Click Install to start the installation and Finish when the installation is complete. The Program files are now installed.

4. Update the Mamut Point of Sale Database

a. Start the program by double clicking on Mamut Point of Sale icon on the desktop.

b. Your Mamut Point of Sale database will be updated. Click Next to start the update.

c. Enter your PIN code to complete the update, and Close when the update is complete.

d. It will take some time before you see the login window. Log into the Mamut Point of Sale, as usual

5. Confirm that the integration is working properly by:

a. Choosing a product in the product list

b. Click On More Information

c. Click on the link at the Inventory to get the inventory status from the financial system

d. You will now see updated inventory of the product.

Updated documentation about Mamut POS can be found here.

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