Common questions regarding discounts and pricing in Mamut

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Below you will find the most common questions regarding the use of discounts and pricing in Mamut Business Software. 

1. How do I use the price calculator?
The price calculator is used to calculate product prices using many different variables. More information here


2. How can I keep track of my pricing history?
At times, it may be beneficial to reflect back on past or set future pricing strategies. Mamut Business Software enables you to do this through the use of the price history functionality. More information here


3. How do discounts work within Mamut Business Software
In Mamut Business Software you can register discounts in several different ways. 

1. Manuall

2. Discount based on a combination of Product and Customers

3. Standard discount based on a percentage of the order total for a customer

4. Discount based on a combination of product and customer category

5. Discount based on a combination customer category and product group.

Discount type 1 can be entered in the discount column of the sales order at time of order.

Discount types 2 and 4 can be set under the Discount tab on the product card. Here, you will find settings for discount based on customer category, Contact and Quantity.

Discount type 3 can be set on the contact card for the customer. Go to the Settings tab and select Customer. In the field marked Order discount in %, you may enter the desired amount.

Discount type 5 can be set in the Discount Register. Go to View – Product – Discount Register. Here you can set that a specific customer category can receive a discount on certain product cateory. This can also be achieved by clicking on the % icon within the product register.


It is important to note that discounts in Mamut Business Software, discounts work on a hierarchy system. This is to avoid all discounts being added together. Therefore it is important to review your settings to clarify how these should work. These settings can be found by going to View – Settings – Company – Settings per module – Product


4. How do I give a quantity discount?
A quantity discount can either be defined as a Step or to apply from first number for an individual product. More information here

A quantity discount can either be defined as a Step or to apply From first number for an individual product.
Let’s for example say that sales of over 500 units qualify for 5% discount and sales of over 1,000 qualify for 7.5% discount.
If a customer orders 1,300 units and you have specified the quantity discount to be calculated as a Step, the first 499 units will not qualify for a discount, units 500 to 999 will be entitled to 5% discount and units 1,000 to 1,300 will be entitled to 7.5% discount.
In the same example, with the option From first number, all the stock will be sold at a 7.5% discount.

To apply a quantity discount:

1. Go to View - Settings - Company Database.
2. Click on the Module Settings tab.
3. Select the Product icon and tick the box marked Company gives a quantity discount for products.
4. Go to View - Product - Product Register.
5. Select the product you wish to apply the quantity discount to, and click on the discount tab.
6. Select the Quantity tab and click New.
7. Enter in the Date, Quantity from and the discount in either % or Fixed Price.
8. Click OK.


5. How do I enter a discount for a range of products within a product group for one particular customer
In this article you will find the detailed instructions of how to enter a discount for a range of products within a product group for one particular customer within Mamut Business Software.

1. Open the customer card.
2. Right click on the drop-down menu Category and select Change in properties register.
3. Click on New and type in a category name e.g. the customer name.
4. Click OK and then OK again.
5. Choose the category you have created and click on Save in the toolbar. Then close the window.
6. Go to View - Product - Discount Register.
7. Choose the category which you have created above and then select the product group.
8. Enter the suggested discount.
9. Click OK.

You have now entered a discount for a whole range of products within a product group for one particular customer.


6. How do I give a specific customer a group discount?
You can give a discount to a category of customers, for example retailers, large customers or other contact categories.

Note! Customer categories must have been created in the Default Registry beforehand. This process will offer the discount to customers that are attached to a specific category.
How to create a discount for a specific customer category
1. Open the Product Register via the menu option View - Product - Product Register and choose the product that you wish to offer at a discount.
2. Choose the Discount tab.
3. Below the Discount tab, select the Category tab and click New.
4. Enter the date until which the discount shall be available. If the date field is left empty, there will be no limit on the time this discount is available for.
5. Choose a category (for example Customer, Retailer or Partner).
6. Enter the discount value or discount percentage that shall be available for this category of contacts.

Note! You can override this discount when creating an order for a specific customer.

Tip! It is also possible to create a discount for a specific customer, or for the purchase of a specific quantity or an item.


7. How do I give a discount on quick payment?
I wish to give a discount to a selection of my customers for quick payment of their account. What is the simplest method to achieve this? 

You can detail the terms of the early payment discount by adding text to your invoice. Accounting for the discount can be reflected using journal entry.

Detailing the terms of the early payment discount:

1. Firstly, you will need to state on your invoice that you are offering a discount for early payment. This can be done when creating the invoice.

2. Simply click on the Text tab within Sales and Invoicing when creating the invoice and write in your discount terms as regular text. For example Discount on fast settlement 10% off if paid by 31/01/XX.

3. When payment is received for the invoice you can open journal entry, click on the Customer Receipt button and process the receipt and discount.

4. This is done by selecting the customer, then ticking the invoice they have paid. If they have paid in line with the discount terms (e.g. they paid 10% less and within 30 days) you should enter this amount in the Receipt column and then press Enter.

5. A new Window Will appear. Click Early pay disc.

6. Click OK.

7. Once you are happy with the journal and the discount click the Financials button to update ledgers.



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