How do I resolve problems with Mamut Virtual Printer and printing to PDF?

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Printing from Mamut to a PDF sometimes stops working because of problems with the printer driver Mamut uses to generate the PDF-files. This may be caused by problems with the installation, conflicting drivers or problems with the printer service in Windows.

Here are some tips for getting the driver installed properly and working:

1. Verify that the correct version of Mamut Virtual Printer is installed

Different versions of Mamut use different versions of the driver and have different names. Check your version of Mamut and the version of the driver installed.
◾In Mamut version 11.0 to 11.1 Mamut Virtual Printer 2 is installed.
◾In Mamut version 11.2 Mamut Virtual Printer 3 is installed.
◾In Mamut version 12.1 to 12.3 Mamut Virtual Printer 4 is installed.
◾In Mamut version 12.5 to 17.2 Mamut Virtual Printer 5 is installed.
◾In Mamut version 18 Mamut Virtual Printer 6 is installed.

Older versions of the driver from previous versions of Mamut may sometimes remain and cause problems. Delete these drivers and reboot if they are present.

2. The driver is installed but is not working

Sometimes the driver is installed but there have been problems with permission or the printer service in Windows. This usually solves the problem:

1. Uninstall/Delete all of the printer drivers with the name Mamut Virtual Printer or Amyuni in Windows. Set the viewing window to display the details of all the printers that use Amyuni drivers.
2. Reboot the machine and log in as administrator.
3. Repair Mamut as described in point 3 below.
4. Start Mamut by running as administrator and print a report to PDF.

3. Mamut Virtual Printer is not installed

There can be multiple causes for the driver not being installed. Reinstall as follows:
1. Go to the folder containing Mamut's installation files and run Setup.exe.
2. Choose to repair when you get the option of uninstalling or repairing.
3. Complete the install wizard to let Mamut repair itself.

4. Mamut Virtual Printer is installed but the print comes out on a regular printer

This is due to problems with the print service on Windows. The solution is to uninstall all of the printers as follows


1. Delete/Uninstall all the printer drivers in Windows

2. Restart the computer

3. Repair Mamut as point 3 above describes

4. Download and install the latest printer drivers for your printer from the manufacture’s website.


5. When printing the driver returns error -20, -30, -40 or -41

This may be caused by the driver using the wrong port or conflicts between the driver version and Mamut version.

Check the port in the following way:
1. Open the Control Panel - Devices and Printers.

2. Right click on Mamut Virtual Printer X and select Printer Properties.

3. Select Ports.

4. Check that the printer is set to the port NUL. If it's using a different port, select NUL instead.

5. If the port NUL does not exist, click the button Add port.

6. Select Local Port and click New Port.

7. Enter the name NUL and click OK.

8. Click Close.

9. Select the port NUL and click OK.

10. Test printing to PDF from Mamut.


If the port is correct but printing to PDF still fails there is something wrong with the driver installation.

Remove the drivers completely, and then repair Mamut in the following way:
1. Make sure you are logged in as an administrator in Windows.

2. Go to Devices and Printer in Windows and remove all the printers named Mamut Virtual Printer and/or any other drivers using Amyuni-drivers

3. Restart the service Print Spooler (under Services in Windows) or restart the computer.

4. Go to Devices and Printer in Windows again and into the Server Properties.
This is found under the File menu of Windows XP, press Alt to see this in Vista.
In Windows 7/8/2008/2012, click on a printer to see the button Print Server Properties in the menu above the printers.

5. Select the tab Drivers.

6. In Windows 7/8/2008/2012, click the button Change Driver Settings.

7. Remove all drivers from Amyuni by clicking on them and selecting Remove.

8. Select to remove both driver and driver package.

9. Close the Print Server Properties and restart the Print Spooler or machine again.

10. Start Regedit.

11. Browse to HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG\Software\.

12. Delete all folders named Amyuni or Mamut Virtual Printer.

13. Close Regedit.

14. Go to the folder containing Mamut's installation files and run Setup.exe.

15. Choose to repair Mamut.

16. Check that Mamut Virtual Printer has been reinstalled in Devices and Printers.

17. Start Regedit.

18. Browse to HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG\Software\.

19. Right click on Mamut Virtual Printer 5/6 and select Permissions.

20. Click Add and add the group Everyone. Tick the box for Full control.

21. Click OK.

22. Close Regedit.

23. While still logged in as administrator, start Mamut by right clicking and running as administrator.

24. Print a report from the report module to PDF.


6. When printing to e-mail or PDF on a terminal server or a machine with multiple users the driver returns error -30 for all other users other than Administrator

This is usually caused by all settings not being set correctly.

Logg inn as administrator and start Mamut by right clicking and running as administrator. Then print a report to PDF.

Retry the printing to PDF/e-mail as a normal user. If the error still occurs, please continue in the following way: 

1. Log on as Administrator in Windows.

2. Start Regedit

3. Scroll to the key HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG \ Software \

4. Right-click on the key Mamut Virtual Printer <number> and select Permissions.

5. Give Everyone full control.

6. Click OK.


If the error persists, reinstall Mamut virtual Printer as in solution 5 above.



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