How do I select design templates for my website or webshop?

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By using design templates, you can give your site an overall design based on a particular theme or a particular form.

How to determine the appearance of this page

Choosing a design template for the site is done by going to View – E-Commerce - Edit Website – Design template – Webshop.

Start by selecting a design template in the left window. If you want to use frames, you can select this under the Properties button for the selected template at the top left of the window and select the font used in menus and text on this page. Then you can select the colour combination you want to use.

You can also create new and edit colour combinations, or reset to default.

Check the preview of the design template and colour combination you have chosen. The preview will be automatically updated as long as the automatic update is enabled. If this is disabled, you must click Refresh to see changes.

Note! This is only a preview of an example template and not a real preview of your website.

Once you have selected the design for your website, you can update your site by clicking on the Update icon in the left window.

After having changed the colours for the website you should run a full update of the website so that the new colours will be displayed on the Internet.

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