How to move data from one PC to another ?

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The following article describes how to move all data from one computer to another. This takes place in three steps. Step 1 is to set the computer you are moving the data from as inactive, step 2 is to perform a complete backup and step 3 is to restore the backup to the computer you are moving the data to.


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Note! It is not possible to restore a backup that is taken in a later version to an older version of Mamut Business Software. Check the version number by going to Help - About in Mamut. To install the new computer, you must install the same version or later.  You can download and install version from this page.


Step 1: Setting the machine as inactive

1. Go to Help - About - Manage license information.

2. Click on the Installed computers.

3. Check the Inactive box next to the computer you are moving data from (do not close the program once you complete this step).


Step 2: Perform full backup

1. Go to File - Backup - Create Backup.

2. The Backup Wizard will start. Click Next.

3. If you have access to several databases on the computer system/network, then you will see a window where you can choose which system you would like to be backed up.

4. Choose the type of backup you want to take. Select Standard backup.

5. Click Next.

6. Enter the file path and name of the backup in the Name field. In the Description field, you can add an extra note for the backup. Here you can also select to protect your backup with a password so that no one other than you can restore the backup if desired. Please note that you cannot restore the backup if you have lost your password.

7. Click Next to start the backup. A status window will show the progress of the backup.

8. When the backup is completed, a new window will be displayed that shows the details of the backup.

9. Click Finish.


Step 3: Restore your backup onto the new computer 

1. Install Mamut Business Software on the new computer. The latest version can be downloaded from here.

2. Start Mamut Business Software via the shortcut on the desktop or the Start menu. You will now get the wizard for initial start-up.

3. Select Restore backup via File - Backup - Restore backup and then click Next 

4. The backup wizard (Mamut data tools) will now run. Click Next.

5. Select to restore an External backup and enter the path to where the backup is located. If necessary, click the grey button with three dots to browse to the backup.

6. Click Next.

7. Click Next again.

8. Tick off for I have read and understood the warning above and click Next.

9. After your backup has been restored, you will come to a new window that displays the details of the backup.

10. Click Finish to close the wizard.

11. Start Mamut Business Software and login with username and password.

You have now moved all the data you have entered in Mamut from one computer to another.

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