How do I Create a Remittance Advice in Mamut

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In Mamut Business Software, it is possible to create a remittance advice or electronic payment. To remit your supplier payments electronically, you require a valid agreement with your bank.




In order to create a remittance advice, you will need to adjust your Company settings for accounting.

1. Click View—Settings - Company - Settings per Module - Accounting, then select the Customer & Supplier ledger tab.

2. Tick the box for Company uses remittance (electronic payment).

3. It is possible to adjust other settings pertaining to remittance by clicking on the Settings button.

You will now be able to create a remittance advice as follows:

1. Click View—Accounting—Supplier Ledger—Remittance.

2. Select the Remittance format from the drop-down menu. Please note that if you select the format Cheque Payment Forms/Internet payments, no remittance file will be generated. Print the forms and send them to your bank.

3. Set the Filter as you wish. For example, if you want to select one supplier, click Supplier.

4. Click Next to view the suggested remittance items. You can untick any item that you do not wish to remit.

5. Click Next when you are satisfied with the remittance items.

6. A new Payment Proposal report will open. Print and close the report.

7. After printing Payment proposals, you can select the directory where the remittance file will be saved, as well as a file name. Any URL of the online bank is retrieved from Remittance settings or can be entered manually.

8. Click Next. If you entered the URL of the online bank and are connected to the Internet, you can transfer the file immediately. Alternatively, you can import the bank file. The file will then be saved in the archives and can be retrieved at a later stage.

9. Click Complete to update the supplier ledger

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