I Get The Message "The Journal Does Not Balance -101" When Trying to Invoice an Unprocessed Order

article ID: 2024228 


If you receive this message then please try the following:


1. Determine which Payment Term is being used in the top right corner of the unprocessed order.

2. Right click on the payment term and click change in properties register.

3. Click on the Payment Term that was being used (i.e. Cash Invoice) and then click Edit.

4. Ensure that the payment term has been set up correctly. This can be done by clicking the Advanced button.

5. If the Invoice Reports drop-down menu is set to Cash Invoice then ensure that this is the actual invoice report that you are printing when invoicing the order.

6. If there is a tick in the Cash tick box, then an account number is required in the Account number for payment drop-down menu. For example 1230.


Once the payment term is set up properly, then you will be able to invoice the order. Please Contact Mamut Support Centre if you have any further questions.


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